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Haley Morrissey


"The best way to get

started is to quit talking

and begin doing." 

- Walt Disney



Hello! My name is Haley Morrissey. I am currently a senior at Frisco High School studying Computer Animation through a program called Independent Study and Mentorship (ISM). I enjoy drawing, playing and listening to music, and I play tennis outside of school as well as for the FHS tennis team. My goal is to attend the Savannah College of Art and Design in the fall of 2018, where I will work for my major in Animation and compete on the SCAD tennis team. I feel that Animation encompasses the perfect balance of art and technology that I have been searching for in a career; my dream job is to work at one of the big studios like Pixar or Disney Animation Studios. Enjoy my website!

Mission Statement

My mission through Independent Study and Mentorship (ISM) is to expand my knowledge of Computer Animation, become more confident in presentation and public speaking, and familiarize myself with professional environments and practices. Under the leadership of a passionate mentor, I will demonstrate self-motivation, responsibility, and a genuine excitement for my topic as I acquire experience in the world of Computer Animation. I will pursue ISM with the intent of becoming a more well-rounded and focused individual, ready to contribute to corporate America by chasing my dreams.

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About ISM

Independent Study and Mentorship is a program that allows high school students to pursue their passions in order to gain knowledge about America's workforce and their potential future careers. The students must undergo an application and interview process to be considered for the rigorous program. Once accepted, students conduct informational interviews in their search for a mentor within their respective fields. The program provides opportunities that result in professional connections, real-world experience, and a personal brand. ISM encourages individualism while teaching responsibility, and the flexible course is designed for students to take initiative of their eductation and their future.

About ISM
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